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To Become or Not to Become:  Choosing Between Screen-Printer Artists and Paramedics Career

If you have been artistically inclined since you were born, it is hard to simply ignore your talent and stop pursuing your passion in order to turn to a more prospective career that will pay the bills diovan blood pressure. Most people think that since we are living in a capitalistic era, we couldn’t possibly be successful if we live from art. Well, this article will prove all who think that way, are wrong. Artists have equal employment opportunities just as everyone else, only if they know how to adapt their talents to the ever growing business market.

As a person that enjoys painting and drawing you could become a graphic designer, a landscape designer, a signage expert, a screen printer artist and much more! There will be written a separate article for each career we have mentioned. In this one, we’ll talk about the differences between having a job you love, through the career of a screen printer artist, and about a career that is highly employable and pays well, like being a paramedic.

Importance of Creativity in Your Life and Career

Creativity is an essential part of a healthy human development, and it’s a natural way of expressing our individual nature and feelings. Being creative is our unique way of handling the world and responding to a situation that life bring us. Nowadays, creativity has become one of the most appreciated qualities an employee can have. Employers know that employees will have better results if they’re able to express themselves

Becoming a Screen-printing Artist

Screen-printing is an incredibly versatile tool that will fulfill your creative needs because you can use it for a huge variety of applications. You can make unique posters and banners, clothes (from shirts and jackets to caps) and you can even decorate dishes, pieces of furniture and walls. You’ll quickly grab the attention of the market by original designing, promotion, and sales strategies. Every object will suit perfectly to show off your handiwork.

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If you want to see how this works, check the website of screen printing tacoma, a very successful all-terrain printing company. Screen-printing is generally related to the apparel industry consisted of preparing and printing screen-print items, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also engage in book and magazine publishing, art and print lithography, computer-based printing and much more. Have you realized now how some job can become prospective if you know what you’re doing? And you find any of this hard and demanding because you’ll be doing something you love.

Becoming a Paramedic

Paramedic career seems rewarding because you’ll be able to make a direct difference in one’s life and save people from life-threatening situations, but in reality, this job is far away from only roses and sunshine. At work you’ll have to learn to deal with a lot of stress and working under pressure. You have to realize that becoming a paramedic doesn’t mean you’ll become someone’s hero. In most cases, people are ungrateful and would try to sue you to your supervisor for every little thing they didn’t like. The fact is, most calls you’ll get will be about headaches, scraped knees, toe pain and broken hearts. You can succeed in this job only if you have the nerves and lots of love towards it.

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The point is everyone will succeed in a career they love because every career has its pros and cons, as well its ups and downs. Only by following your passion and doing what you love, you can endure everything that job throws at you and feel truly fulfilled.

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