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What To Do If An Artist Has Women’s Sexual Problems

What are the sexual Problems , why there occur the women’s sexual dysfunction, which disfunctions has psychogenic nature, that is caused by neuro-mental reasons, and which sexuals disorders has organic origin? And the main thing, is it possible to treat sexual disorders?

Kim Samuel from the HuffingtonPost.com portal in her article showed the life of modern women.

International Women’s Day 2017: Women Serve, Women Solve, Women Lead

I have seen countless strong women hold up their families, and their communities.

When it comes to women’s empowerment and equality, the past year has given us plenty to think about. On the one hand, we’ve seen sexism’s persistence and prevalence, even in so-called “advanced” societies—from Donald Trump’s boasting about predatory sexual behavior to gender-based discrimination in Silicon Valley to the finding that 85 percent of UK women aged 18-24 have experienced sexual harassment in public.

Meanwhile, UN Women reports that “in 22 out of 34 countries with data, women are more likely than men to be in low-paid jobs.” Worldwide, women earn 24 percent less than men overall. The World Economic Forum projects that at current rates of progress, it will take 170 years to close the gap. That’s 170 years too long, and at least as many years too late.

According to UNICEF, about one in seven adolescent girls is a child bride. Women make up nearly two-thirds of the estimated 781 million illiterate people over the age of 15. Estimates suggest that more than one-third of women will be the targets of sexual or physical violence—or both—in their lifetimes. And certain groups face particular risk. In Canada, for example, Indigenous women represent four percent of the population and 16 percent of female murder victims. Read the full article here…

In the modern world full of stresses the sexual problems take quite a high position on the background of other psychosomatic disorders.

Abigail Jones from the NewsWeek.com portal in her article shows the importance of women’s sexual problems.

Cycles + Sex: Solving Lady-Part Problems, One Period at a Time

From pussyhats to period-proof underwear, advocates have been busting through social stigmas to raise awareness about reproductive rights over the last couple of years. The fight to end period shaming has gone mainstream, as 24 states introduced bills to exempt menstrual products from sales tax (aka the tampon tax) and a small but mighty cohort of organic tampon and menstrual pad companies have launched, including Lola and Cora. (Other companies, like Maxim and Lunapads, have been around much longer.) While roughly half the human population menstruates for decades at a time, talking about periods and birth is just about as bad as walking in on your parents having sex.

Yesterday, more than 800 people gathered at an event space in downtown Manhattan for Cycles + Sex, a day of panels, workshops and product showcases about menstrual, hormonal, reproductive and sexual health. Natural light filled the space, and enormous framed posters of provocative images hung everywhere: red jelly oozing out of a doughnut, milk dripping from the tips of balloons. (The posters harkened back to the controversial Thinx ads that appeared on the New York City subway in 2015, featuring models in underwear and tank tops posing alongside photos of dripping egg yolks and juicy grapefruits.) In front of a 7-foot blow-up poster of the jelly doughnut, people took photos holding signs that read, “Pull out your politics” and “Currently bleeding,” then posted them on social media. Read the full article here…

The following video demostrates why women’s sexual health is so important.

If you have problems, it is better to apply for the professionals, for example, the women’s sexual health doctor seattle, a team of professionals will help you to get rid of the problems of sexual character.

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